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Germs on a Plane

| What really is the deal with sanitizing airplanes?

Lets get real, many travelers do not know just how germ filled airplanes can be. The myth that the flight crew deep clean the airplane each and every time they unload is definitely false. Bathrooms, touch screens, tray tables, blankets/pillows and seat pockets are one of the places that germs live the longest, according to blogger, International Travel Chic.

Some items I would add to her list are the headphones they hand out on long flights. Even though they seem freshly packaged, flights reuse these too! Water bottles are also refilled with water from other flights, if your thirsty I would HIGHLY suggest ordering something in a can, like a Coke, or something in a travel sized bottle, like an orange juice.

A few things I would suggest bringing on the flight would be travel sized disinfectant wipes, your own pillow and blankets and buy your drinks before entering on the plane AND BRING YOUR OWN HEADPHONES.

One last parting message would be, just because something is free and offered on a flight…it does not mean someone else hasn’t used the same item.

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