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What to do in Alcala de Henares

|Experience true Spanish culture with this list of some magical places to visit in Alcala de Henares, A beautiful quaint city 20 minutes outside of the mecca of Madrid.

Founded in the 16th century this beautiful and quaint city is only 20 minutes outside of Madrid. Alcala de Henares is most famously known for being the birthplace of Miguel de Cervantes, the gentleman who wrote the notorious Don Quixote. You can visit the childhood home of Cervantes, Museo casa natal de Cervantes, tours are available and it is open to the general public with free entry. After visiting the casa natal de Cervantes, head over to the Hospital de Antezana, it is right next door. This is believed to be the oldest hospital in Europe, being founded in 1483. The Hospital de Antenzana has tours available but it too is free entry and open to the general public.

Statue of Cervantes (Circa 2016)

After visiting the touristy spots grab a beer and a free tapa at La Espanola. This is the best spot for quick

tapas and refreshments. One of the best parts about Alcala is the tapas. Unlike Madrid, where not every drink comes with tapas, basically anywhere you go in Alcala will give you some sort of tapa with each drink. It really is genius if you think about it because before you know it you have stayed in the cafe/bar/restaurant and have eaten two bocadillos (sandwiches), 4 croquettes, a tortilla de Espanola and have drunk 5 beers. PHEW! It is okay to do this because after you’ll stroll Calle Mayor and window shop all the charming little stores and cafes. Grab yourself an afternoon cafe at one of the many cafes – before 3 PM of course, because that is siesta hours – and head to Plaza de Cervantes to people watch and rendezvous. Then I highly suggest taking a siesta, if you don’t I swear you will not be able to keep up with the nightlife and it is one of the best parts!

[Enter time for siesta here]

After your amazing siesta, head to Maimonides for a massive tube of tinto de verano, these also come with an incredible amount of tapas. After you are nice and full of happy hour delights head to El Burrito for some great Mexican food and drinks. From there it is on. Nightlife in Alcala is intense and outlandishly fun. The first stop is Bar TDK for some cheap drinks and pool. The second stop is either Hanoi house or The Green Irish Pub, my personal favorite. Bonus tip: The Green also sells these really

delicious hot dogs in the front between the entry and the bar, thank me later. Now, this is your choice, keep the night going at Discoteca Casco Antiguo, with a stop at La Panaderia in between or go home and sleep off the incredible hangover you are already going to have. I HIHGLY suggest you go with option number one.

Pool at Bar TDK

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  • The Green Irish Pub

  • El Burrito

  • La Espanola

  • Cafe Continental

  • Café Deleitte Libreros

  • Churrería Chocolatería Metrópoli

  • Maimonides

Indalo Tapas

  • Discoteca Casco Antiguo

  • La Panaderia

  • Bar TDK

  • Hanoi house

  • Rolls & Co


  • Plaza de Cervantes

    • Main Plaza of Alcala. Perfect for people watching and hanging out in the afternoon with friends.

  • Plaza de Santos Ninos

    • This Plaza is in between The Green Irish Pub and Bar TDK. The real magic happens at night in this plaza when street performers and friends all come together and celebrate their days with dance, music and simply just a good time.


  1. Calle Mayor

Tourist Stops

  • Museo casa natal de Cervantes

  • Childhood home of Miguel de Cervantes.

  • Universidad de Alcala

  • Giftshop and architecture

  • Teatro Corral De Comedias

  • Oldest documented open-air theatre in Spain. See shows

  • Hospital de Antezana

  • Believed to be the oldest hospital in Europe, being founded in 1483.


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